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Books 1-4 of  the P.I. Polly Berger detective series set in Hollywood, California,
“The land of promises and disappoints”

The Catwalk Saint (2018) [Book 1 in the P.I. Berger series]

When stripper Cinda Mae Bradbury walks into private investigator Polly Berger’s Hollywood office, she brings a dazzling smile and a whole lot of trouble with her! Polly is always up for a challenge, and the gorgeous entertainer at the nearby CatWalk strip club brings Polly a case she just can’t resist jumping into with both feet.


The Vanishing Chef (2018) [Book 2 in the P.I. Berger series]

When Cinda Mae Bradbury, former stripper turned restaurateur, asks Hollywood P.I. Polly Berger to find her missing chef, Polly ends up tracking down a murderer instead. Is a “killer” mole poblano recipe worth murdering for? Polly intends to find out and stay alive in the process.

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The Lost Trophy Wife (2018) [Book 3 in the P.I. Berger series]

When Hollywood P.I. Polly Berger accepts a missing wife case, Polly and her assistant Bunny Contreras see a golden opportunity. After all, the prosperity gospel has been good to the the Right Reverend Harvey Kow of the Golden Cathedral New Ascension Church. Bunny thinks the missing wife is probably just out shopping and will turn up about the time the Kows come home.

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The Case of the Missing Mobster (2019) [Book 4 in the P.I. Berger series]

A dead body washes up on Dockweiler beach in SoCal, a big-time director of Zombie movies hire Polly’s PI firm to tail his wife, the wife of a missing mobster asks Polly to find her husband, and, two FBI agents turn up at Polly’s door. Polly has her hands full in this one!

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“Gwoing UP with Pigs,” a short story book about growing up on a farm in the 1950s
(And no, the “pigs” in the title does NOT refer to the author’s four brothers)

Growing up with Pigs
              angled cover picGrowing Up With Pigs  (2010)

Growing Up With Pigs is a collection of twenty-two humorous and heart-warming stories about growing up in the 1950's that includes a vivid portrait of life on a small family farm. The title story first appeared in the January 2010 issue of Southern Women's Review (Scroll down to Page 72).

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(The following books are available from the author only. Please see the author’s CONTACT page for more information. As these books become available on Amazon, they will be moved to the AVAILABLE section above.)

The Singapore Assassin (2020) [Book 1 in the Peter “Chilly” Chilcott series]

Vying for ascendency in power and wealth, a Chinese global asset management firm based in Singapore, dispatches an experienced team to assassinate the President of the United States. Can the joint efforts of American and British Intelligence uncover the treasonous collaboration inside the United States and terminate a plan to fundamentally alter world political and economic power? Businessman Peter “Chilly” Chilcott understands the problem and offers to help. (2nd edition, revised.)


The Shadow Cabinet (2018)

What if the greatest conspiracy theory of all time became reality? A take-over of the United States government could never happen…or could it?

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Adieu at the Zoo (2018)

The discovery of a dead body in Jefferson County Zoo’s new Wetlands exhibit turns the life of Horticulture Curator Samantha Clark upside down. Worse than that, she and her Hort tech, Jodie, find themselves implicated as possible suspects—until someone runs them off the road in an attempt to see them dead also.   

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The following are the first two (currently unavailable) books in the
Commander Cortez mystery series set in Tlaxcala, Mexico.

A Corpse for Cinco de Mayo (2020) [Book 1 in the Commander Cortez series]

American anthropologist Anna Merino arrives in the sleepy village of Cuamantla in rural Tlaxcala, Mexico to conduct her dissertation research only to find herself embroiled in a homicide and the theft of the village's most prized possession, the Real Cedula, a document from King Philip ll of Spain, dating back to 1551. Fortunately for Anna, Commandante José Cortez steps in to help. (2nd edition, revised; originally published as A Corpse for Cuamantla)


A Corpse for the Matadora (2020) ) [Book 2 in the Commander Cortez series]

When American anthropologist Anna Merino promised to give English lessons to Commander José Cortez, Head of the Homicide Division of the Tlaxcala State Police, she never expected to become embroiled in either the world of Mexican bullfighting, or a tangled romance. Set in Tlaxcala, Mexico's smallest (and safest) state, the novel offers an exciting read with fascinating characters living their story amid the colorful background of rural village life. (2nd edition, revised)